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Steel Pipe Cooling Bed

1. Purpose

In the process of the steel pipe rolling, the cooling of the steel pipe is done by the two reversed direction chain steel moving mechanism, in which, the speed of positive direction chain is faster than that of the reversed direction moving chain. Both direction movements make the steel pipe advance and the roll to be cooled and then make the steel pipe get a well-distributed cooling and straightening effect.

Relative Products

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You should do a horizontal movement to the rolled piece for the limited area and equipment in the rolling workshop. The billet transfer is a kind of equipment doing horizontal movement.[more]

Steel Plate Circular Cooling BedSteel Plate Circular Cooling Bed
The steel plate cooling uses the vertical type disc to support the steel plate to be cooled by the motion energy of the vertical type disc and transports it to the next process to be inspected or be cut into the needed end plate of the customer.[more]

Walking Beam Cooling BedWalking Beam Cooling Bed
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Chain Cooling BedChain Cooling Bed
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