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Fixed/Movable Hot Saw Machine


1. Purpose

The hot saw machine is a kind of special equipment for saw cutting bar, pipe billet and various section materials. It can be used alone and also can be used in the assembly line. The products are divided into the fixed type and movable type. The structure type can be divided into the lever-type and slide carriage type. The drive type can be divided into bevel gear drive and belt drive. The product specification has φ1200, φ1500, φ1800, φ2000, etc.

2. Scope of Application and Main Technical Parameters (They are different according to the requests of users.)

Saw cutting temperature is larger than 750°.
Saw Bit Diameter Range: 1620~1800mm; Thickness: 10mm
Saw Cutting Temperature: 200~1000℃;
Rotate Speed: 1170r/min
Saw Bit Peripheral Speed: 100~110m/s; Feed-in Speed: 100~250mm/s
Return Speed: 200~500mm/s
Operating Stroke: 1000mm; Maximum Stroke: 1200mm
Hydraulic System Pressure: 14Mpa; Self-contained Lubrication Apparatus

3. Awarded Honor

This machine got the identification of “Jiangsu Province High and New Technology Product” in 2009.

4. National Patent

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