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Abrasive Wheel Saw



1. Purpose

The abrasion wheel saw belongs to the high speed saw cutting equipment and is mainly used for the saw cutting in cold and hot steel state. The product structure type can be divided into lever-type and slide carriage type. Its main specification mainly contains φ1000mm, φ1250mm, φ1600mm, etc. The equipment has the characteristics of good cut incision, no trimming and no burrs. It is used with the shear gauge and can realize the automatic sizing cutting off on assembly line.

2. Scope of Application and Main Technical Parameters (They are different according to the requests of users.)

Suitable Materials: high alloy tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed tool steel, carbon tool steel, alloy constructional steel, carbon structural steel, bearing steel, spring steel and stainless steel, etc.
Saw Cutting Length: 1.8m~6m Incision Workpiece Diameter: φ15~φ45
Incision No.: Each incision No. is one.
Maximum Cut Incision Verticality: ±10~20’
Material Plane Fracture Roughness: ≤Ra6.3

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